Jebens Group Business Parks

VICTORIA PARK HAMBURG GmbH & Co. KG is creating this business park in Hamburg

The innovative concept of our business parks is expressed in the balanced combination of people, workplace, architecture, nature and relaxation.

The environmentally-oriented plan integrates North German nature and builds on the architecture of the Hamburg cityscape.

Individual solution approaches correspond to the operation-specific demands of the future user. The extraordinary flexibility of the surfaces offers an extensive range of usable areas of every type and scale for use.


MERKUR PARK was planned and created by the Jebens Group

The extraordinarily varied usage possibilities for the 300,000 m2 MERKUR PARK allow an individual apportioning of the building units into office, service, training and exhibition rooms, as well as manufacturing and storage.

Usable areas of around 1,000 to approx. 25,000 m2 offer the basis for use-specific planning, taking into account size, use and equipment.

Generously provided green areas and areas of water create the image of an adequate business location in one of the most modern and beautiful business parks of our time.

Merkur Park Hamburg - Merkurring 41

Victoria Park Hamburg

VICTORIA PARK Hamburg GmbH & Co. KG is developing and creating business parks in Hamburg as an investor

B-Plan 131_Victoria Park
B-Plan 131_Minerva Park