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The VICTORIA PARK in the east of Hamburg is under development since the beginning of 2019 and consists of approx. 84 acres of commercial properties in sections for new developments of companies and project developers.  more information


A high-quality business park for various mixed-use representative commercial real estate with a sustainable and energy-efficient construction method is being developed.   more information


VICTORIA PARK in East Hamburg has been under development since 2019 and consists of a variety of representative commercial properties to be used for different purposes.   more information

Victoria Park Hamburg

The VICTORIA PARK in the east of Hamburg is being developed since 2019 and consists of various mixed-use representative commercial real estate.

On a total area of approx. 34 ha, one of the most attractive business parks in Germany is being developed. The settlement of targeted companies creates a representative industrial area under the influence of urban development guidelines, which differs from its competitors in many aspects.

The VICTORIA PARK HAMBURG offers investors and companies development opportunities for modern commercial real estate within a climate-neutral, natural and architecturally high-quality business park. Together with the currently developed MINERVA PARK and the already existing MERKUR PARK HAMBURG, a unique overall concept is being created at this location, which offers several thousand qualified employees an excellent working Environment.

Offered are fully-developed commercial properties for purchase or purchase in leashold in sections from 3,000 m². Prior to the acquisition of a commercial space, an examination of the prospective customer and their construction project is carried out to ensure compatibility with the overall urban planning of the VICTORIA PARK HAMBURG.

The versatile possibilities of use of the VICTORIA PARK HAMBURG allow an individual division of the buildings into office and exhibition rooms as well as warehouses, production and service. The flexibility of the space with its expansion possibilities also allows an adaptation to changing needs of the user in the future.


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Production and storage buildings

Location and Surroundings

The attractiveness of VICTORIA PARK is emphasised by the favourable location in East Hamburg. A good public transport connection is assured by the bus route to the Rahlstedt S-Bahn stop. Here, you can find a variety of places to shop for your everyday needs.

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