The visualizations show examples of future commercial real estate according to urban planning regulations in the VICTORIA PARK HAMBURG.


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Preamble to the Design and Implementation Concept:

Based on the textual designations of the Rahlstedt 131 development plan and development plan No. 16 in the municipality of Stapelfeld, the organised development of a business park that leads to attractive locations for the businesses and their employees should be made possible. Employing the framework conditions set out previously, which far exceed those of a regular business park, structures based on both town planning and on building in open space are brought together.

The town planning quality should be established and achieved with the street side development along a building line. The facades facing the street are demanding in terms of building. Depots should be arranged in the rear part of the plot and kept clear of open storage spaces. The car parking spaces situated away from the public street should be located underneath the buildings with natural aeration and ventilation.

The town planning concept set out does not oppose any corporate identity. Quite the opposite: the collectivity of the buildings co-operating with each other will develop its own image effect. The effect of the entire town planning appearance is the result of the architectural quality of individual buildings.

By maintaining the hedgerows at hand and their environmental significance, a special commitment and great caution is expected when planning the new buildings and the outdoor facilities associated with them. Every builder or planner must see their concept as a part of the whole solution in the context of the town planning, design and usage-dependent demands.

Unity in town planning with individual variety in terms of design and usage should be made possible. Based on these guidelines, every investor can be assured that, due to the influx of neighbouring businesses, their new location will not become an arbitrary business park lacking in design.

Planned projects and design concepts

SUND Holding GmbH & Co. KG

Key facts

Developerakquinet Rechenzentrum "Leuchtturm" Verwaltungs GmbH
Industrydata center
Architectakquinet AG
Construction CompanyZüblin Spezialtiefbau GmbH
Start of building08/2021
Lot size7.120 m²
Total GFA10.324 m²
Usagedata center
Number of employees20
akquinet AG

Key facts

Developerakquinet Rechenzentrum "Leuchtturm" Verwaltungs GmbH
IndustryHerstellung und Großhandel von Verpackungsmitteln
ArchitectBAID Architektur GmbH
Construction CompanyOTTO WULFF Bauunternehmung GmbH
Start of building07/2020
Lot size75.226 m²
Total GFA22.702 m²
UsageBüro, Lager, Labor
Number of employees330